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We offer the following services. Click each one for a detailed description.
For more information, or to learn about other available features, please speak with an Arexa Dental Web specialist.

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Website Hosting

As part of Arexa Dental's complete solution, Web hosting is included. You get the Web hosting your dental Website needs without paying for anything extra.

A Website must be hosted on a server in order for people to be able to access it through the Internet. Arexa Dental operates and maintains its own high-powered enterprise servers in one of the world's most secure data centers.

Our servers have the absolute fastest network speeds possible, working with multiple network carriers to create unparalleled connectivity. With 100% network up-time, your Arexa Dental Website will always be up and running at full speed.


Email is included with your Arexa Dental Web hosting. You can even have professional looking email addresses at your domain name (ie, It can be a mailbox that you check with an email program, or it can forward email to your current email address. There are no email limits, so you can set up email addresses for your entire staff!

Control Panel

When you host with Arexa Dental, you get an easy-to-use set of control panels to manage your Web hosting. You can view traffic statistics and reports, add or remove email addresses, or receive online help, among other things.

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