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We offer the following services. Click each one for a detailed description.
For more information, or to learn about other available features, please speak with an Arexa Dental Web specialist.

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Contact Form

Along with providing your street address, email address, phone number and other contact information, your Arexa Dental Website can have a Contact Form that offers an easy way for people to contact you. We have found that people will more readily fill out online forms than compose an email message, so having a contact form brings you even closer to potential patients.

When someone submits the Contact Form, there are several ways you can choose to receive it. It can go to your personal email address, the office email address, your cell phone as a text message, or just about any way you prefer to receive it.

Refer-A-Friend Form

With a Refer-A-Friend Form, you offer existing patients a simple way to tell their friends about your practice. They simply fill in the name and email address of their friend, plus their own name and email address and a brief message. On their behalf, your Website will automatically send their friend an email with a link to check out your Website.

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